Each quarter, every UCSB undergraduate pays a fee of $210.61 to Associated Students. This fee supports a wide variety of operations of Associated Students that benefit the students of UCSB, the campus and the surrounding community. The charge of the AS Finance and Business Committee is to help registered student organizations put on successful events, provide necessary student services, hold conferences, and fund championship aspiring teams through the procurement of funds. The AS Finance and Business Committee is composed of one Chair, one vice-chair, the Chief Financial Officer, 10 Finance Officers, and 8 Senators. The student leaders who sit on the Finance and Business Committee are tasked with the careful deliberation and the decision of the approval of funding for student groups.

In order to be eligible to receive AS Funding, groups must have attended a F&B Workshop, completed an Authorized Signers Form, Submit a Budget Proposal, and attend an F&B Meeting, held every Monday at 4 PM in the State Street Room of the UCen.

Groups must adhere to the policies and procedures outlined in this guide. Groups must add their event to the AS Events Calendar, and include AS Logos in promotional material in order to complete their Funding Request. Reimbursements and Purchase Orders can be processed by filling out a Requisition Form, available at the F&B Office.

This Funding Guide is an abbreviated version of the complete AS Financial Policies and Procedures. Please refer to the complete document for complete details and regulations. Failure to adhere to policy might result in loss of eligibility or an incomplete Requisition Form.

Good luck, and I hope that your organization finds this guide helpful in making your event a success. Please contact us if you have any further questions or concerns.


Zion Solomon


Don’t already have a liaison? Request a member from our Financial team here:

Financial Liaison Request

Your liaison is your link to Finance and Business Committee. They will be in constant contact with your organization about funding requests and forms. They are your resource to everything AS.

Diversity: Does the group advance the accessibility of the University to historically
under represented communities?
Goals and Objectives: The extent the organization has attained its goals and
Campus Service: The degree the organization reflects students’ needs and interests.
Community Service: The degree of community service, response of the community,
and success level of the program.
Uniqueness: The uniqueness of the event with respect to organizations with similar
Members: The number of active participants and membership growth rate.
Income/Alternate Funding: The ability and willingness of the organization to raise
alternate funding.
Cooperation: The cooperation and support the organization gives to Associated
Students, and the willingness to follow the A.S. Funding Guide, A.S. Legal Code.
Current Funding from A.S.: Consideration is given to currently funded organizations

  • Associated Students does not fund any organization whose membership is contingent upon gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, GPA, athletic or mental prowess, an individual’s faith, ideological beliefs, or talent, or any group that places restrictions on membership.  This includes groups that use criteria to establish membership, e.g. academic honor societies, team sports, fraternities, sororities, political parties, and religious or musical groups.
    • However, at its discretion, Finance and Business Committee may fund activities sponsored by such groups, provided that attendance is open to all UCSB students.
  • AS funds shall be spent in accordance with Campus Regulations.
  • No monies allocated to groups, including lock-ins, shall be used for the purpose of loans to individual members of that group or to any other organization(s) with which the group does business.

    One time Exception Once per year per organization, Finance and Business Committee may, at its discretion, make an exception to the Associated Students policies by a two-thirds vote of the board. – Even so, no retroactive reimbursements will be approved.

  • Limitations on Expenditures:
    • Travel or Transportation Costs.
    • Food expenditures
    • Expenses related to off-campus special events (excluding Isla Vista), banquets, picnics, and off-campus social activities.
    • Equipment purchases (rentals allowed)
    • Awards, trophies, scholarships for individuals, (i.e. gifts cards, etc.)
    • Personal items (i.e. costumes or personalized shirts).
    • Publicity Bonds.
    • OSL registration fee.
    • Per diems.
    • Expenses relating to students attending conferences outside of UCSB.
  • For purchases amounting over $5,000.00 that are made from Associated Students funds which are made through any vendor, the following requirements shall be met prior to making said purchase or entering into an agreement (verbal or written) to make said purchase:
    • Three quotes shall be obtained, each from different vendors, for identical or similar products. All quotes shall include shipping, handling, tax, and any additional expenses.
    • The person(s) making said purchase shall justify the uniqueness of the product if itis more expensive than another, yet only slightly different than a similar item. The person(s) making said purchase must provide written proof in the form of a purchase estimate form attached to a requisition to A.S. Administration.
    • The purchase estimate form shall also be attached to budget requests for Finance Committee, when the funds being requested are to be applied to a purchase over $5,000.00.


Associated Students has continually demonstrated its role as a campus leader in sustainability standards, and the willingness of students and staff within AS to further educate themselves about how to reduce their environmental impact. ASUCSB will further its role as a campus leader in sustainability through purchasing standards that will lead to a more environmentally friendly and socially conscious Association.

  • The most sustainable purchase is no purchase at all, and therefore, AS encourages groups to consider if they really need an item or a large quantity of items.
  • These sustainable purchasing guidelines must be followed:
    • Absolutely no single-use water bottles may be purchased. Water coolers and 5-gallon jug pumps must be used for event hydration stations..
    • All coffee and tea must be certified Fair Trade and certified organic and all bananas and chocolate must be certified Fair Trade.
    • All public events with more than 30 attendees that provide food must have vegetarian and vegan options.
    • A.S. spaces may not purchase single-use products such as coffee cups or paper plates for daily office
      users; daily users should provide or be provided with reusable items.
    • Water bottles must be manufactured and printed in the U.S. and must be made of either glass, aluminum, stainless steel, or BPA-free plastic.
    • Certified compostable single-use food service products, including plates, bowls, utensils and napkins, must be purchased for events and guests. These items should be purchased from the A.S. supply of compostable  goods in order to minimize costs and reduce packaging.
    • No polystyrene (Styrofoam) may be purchased or used.
    • In order to ensure sweatshop-free purchases, clothing and apparel, reusable bags, water bottles, and promotional pens and pencils must be made in the USA.
    • Exceptions to this policy should only be made after groups have demonstrated a good faith effort to comply, but doing so would cause a great hardship and would inhibit a core function of that group’s mission. Exceptions to this policy may be granted in the following cases:
      • When specifically required in a contract with a non-A.S. entity.
      • When specifically required in order to comply with health and safety policies.
      • During situations out of A.S.’s control (i.e. during out-of-area travel)
      • When approved by Finance and Business and/or Senate oversight of minutes.

Click here to request compostable goods and recycling services from AS Zero Waste Committee


  • Fundraising events must be approved by the Office of Student Life (in the case of registered campus organizations) or by the Executive Director, Associated Students (in the case of Associated Students programs/events).
    • All financial transactions must be handled through the AS Cashiers and Ticket office.
    • Fundraising payments via-app (i.e. Venmo or PayPal) are not allowed.
    • All AS Fees used for Fundraising Events must fill out an Event Report.
  • No A.S. funds can be used to raise money for your own organization.
  • Student Organizations can host philanthropic fundraisers.*
    *However, if your organization is allocated $5,000.00 or more the donation made to the charity must match the amount you received from A.S.
  • All revenue generating aspects of the event must be processed through the A.S. Ticket Office.


  • All travel costs (except for mileage allotments) must be accounted for with original itemized receipts stating exactly what was purchased within one week of returning from travel. These original receipts must be submitted to the AS Administration office. The traveler should retain one copy of each receipt.
    • If the travel occurs during a vacation period these receipts will be required within the first four (4) days of the next quarter.
    • All pre-approved funds which were unused must be returned to the A.S. Administration Office within four (4) academic days; if these deadlines are not adhered to, A.S. reserves the right to bill the individual (or organization) responsible.
    • If the travel costs exceed the amount budgeted, then the individual (or organization) shall be billed for those additional costs. AS will bill the individual’s or organization’s Perm Number through the UCSB BARC office.
  • AS shall not fund travel for personal, or social related purposes.
  • An individual may travel by plane, train, bus, or car. If he/she is going to travel by private car, the car must have insurance covering it.
    • Before the organization can travel by private vehicle, a current certificate of the insurance on the vehicle that shows the limits of the coverage must be on file in the A.S. Administration Office. When using a private vehicle, the organization may requisition for an allotment of $0.505 cents per mile for mileage costs.
  • Conference Fees: Associated Students will pay conference fees, provided that they are reasonable in relation to the number of people attending the conference and to the benefit which attendance at the conference will bring to the AS funded organization or to Associated Students. A conference announcement or registration form must be included with your completed A.S. Requisition and Travel Request Form, showing a) the conference location, b) the conference dates, c) a detailed outline of conference activities, and d) the total fees for the conference.
  • Per Diems: Per diems may be granted for travel on Associated Students business at the following current rates per twenty-four (24) hour period:
    • Breakfast $10.00
    • Lunch $15.00
    • Dinner $20.00
    • Lodging (up to) $75.00
      • Total Per Diem $120.00 per day
    • Per diems will be modified or withheld if conference fees include meals or lodging, or if designated “high cost” areas are approved by Finance and Business Committee.
  • Sports Teams
    • There is a $3000 limit for each sports team. Funds can only be used for travel, registrations, and accommodations for national championship games or events.


  • OSL Groups: No more than $500.00 per year.
  • A.S. Boards, Committees, Commissions: A BCC’s quarterly budget to spend on sustenance shall be determined based off of the average attendance of all general meetings held in the previous quarter multiplied by the total number of general meetings held in that quarter. The amount of this allocation shall be reported in an entity’s minutes no later than the second (2nd) meeting of that quarter. This policy does not pertain to programs, events, tabling, and one retreat or banquet per quarter.
  • Meetings are held every Monday at 4 PM in the State Street Room of the UCen.
  • You must send at least one informed and prepared representative from your organization to the meeting.
  • You do not have to bring a copy of your budget. However, if you’ve made major revisions to the application you submitted online, you must bring at least ten copies of the budget to the hearing.
  • F&B Committee will ask you questions pertaining to your application. Send at least one informed and prepared representative who will be able to answer questions about your organization’s budget and funding history.
  • Your funding proposal and hearing will be assessed based upon your organization’s ability to meet the Criteria for Consideration for AS Funding.
  • You can leave after you give your presentation as funding allocations will be posted here.
  • Although decisions about your request will be made Monday night by AS Finance and Business Committee you will not be able to access any funds until after Wednesday night pending AS Senate approval of the minutes.

  • To access money allocated to your group you must fill out a requisition form and submit it to AS ADMIN (located upstairs in the MCC).
  • Option 1: Purchase Orders (preferred and fastest)
    • Funds from your account are set aside for a specific vendor or purpose. Some vendors require this before they will accept an order.
    • Purchase Orders help you stay within budget because they show you the remaining balance you have to work with.
    • Fill out by checking the ‘Purchase Order’ option on the Requisition Form.
    • POs are processed in about 5 business days and sent to the vendor by AS.
    • Since AS will be handling the purchase, there are no attachments required.
  • Option 2: Checks and Reinbursments
    • Fill out by checking the ‘Check’ option on the Requisition Form.
    • Attach all original receipts and invoices to the requisition form (receipts need to be taped to an 8.5×11 piece of paper.
    • Attach any contracts
    • Checks are processed within 5 days.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 3.36.59 PM

  • Any publicity your group has must say Sponsored by A.S. or include these logos. Failure to do so may result in your organization being disqualified from further funding and/or not receiving your reimbursement. Please keep the aspect ratio of logos the same.
  • Groups receiving AS Funding must post their event on the Events Calendar to be eligible for funding. Members must complete a one-time account registration before they can post events on behalf of their groups. Groups are encouraged to post their events on this campus calendar; groups receiving AS Funds must post their event.


An Event Report must be submitted within 2 weeks after an event is held. Failure to do so may result in AS putting a hold in your reimbursement and/or not receiving further funding from the Committee. This form can be accessed on the Finance and Business Committee website, under the ‘Resources’ tab.

  • Submit your Requisition Form along with any necessary receipts, contracts, forms, and/or anything the Finance and Business Committee may request.
  • Funding through the Office of Student Life
    • UCSB After Dark allocates funds for student-initiated, alcohol-free social events and activities which promote safe and responsible social interaction and behavior on and around the UCSB campus.
    • CommUnity Grants provide additional funding for student-initiated activities that promote cross-cultural exploration and dialogue.
    • Student-Initiated Outreach Program allocates funds to facilitate outreach projects designed to increase the eligibility and college attendance rates of underrepresented, low-income, and other specifically identified disadvantaged populations.
  • Funding through Associated Students
    • Community Affairs Board (CAB) is an AS Board that provides funding for student activities and initiatives that positively contribute to the community. Check out their website for the full funding guidelines and procedures.
    • The Coastal Fund is funded by the students at the University of California, Santa Barbara in order to preserve and enhance the ecological integrity of the coastal habitats at the University. Funding proposals must advance the CF Mission Statement, have relevance to the student community and benefit the UCSB shoreline to be eligible.
    • The Isla Vista Community Relations Committee (IVCRC) funds on-campus and off-campus groups that work to improve the community. IVCRC is a committee filled with active and passionate students who wish to bring the Isla Vista Community as a whole together.
    • The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) provides funding for projects that enhance our campus’ environmental, cultural, and economic sustainability. TGIF supports projects that provide renewable energy, increase energy efficiency, conserve water, reduce waste, educate the campus about environmental impacts, and facilitate strategic research to improve the campus’ operational sustainability.
    • The Queer Commission provides funding for groups aimed at improving the status of queer students both on campus and in the community.
    • The Women’s Commission provides funding for events centered around womyn or girls issues with the intention of education, promot- ing or celebrating womyn (locally, nationally, and/or globally). Maximum per funding request:$300
  • Other Sources of Funding
    • Academic Departments offer funding for registration or travel related to academic conferences or other major- and degree-related purposes. Consult with your department advisor or administrative office for more information.
    • The Graduate Students Association has limited funding available to support graduate student initiated events and conferences. Co-sponsorship awards are available in an amount up to $300 per student organization per quarter, with a maximum of $600 awarded per academic year per student organization.
    • The Residence Halls Association (RHA) is UCSB’s student government for the residence halls. RHA provides funding for events that take place in and around the halls, and/or directly benefits residents of the halls.
    • The UCen Governance Board sponsors programs in the UCen that will complement, but not compete with, the existing array of programs offered by the A.S. Program Board.
  • An Authorized Signers Form designates the members from your organization who will be able to access your AS Account and sign off on Reimbursements. Your org must have three Authorized Signers in order to access your AS Funds. NOTE: Even if a person has attended a Financial Workshop in a previous year, he/she must attend one this year.
    • All Authorized Signers must receive approval from an F&B Officer by attending an F&B Workshop before they may begin signing.
  • An Event Report is a form that can be found in asfb.as.ucsb.edu is required to be filled out in order to receive your reimbursement, and request for more AS Funds.
  • A Purchase Estimate Form must accompany requests for purchases over $5,000 from any vendor with estimates from at least three vendors. These forms are available in the F&B Office.
  • The Requisition Form is used by organizations to access its AS funds. It is used to fill out Purchase Orders and checks, to obtain reimbursements, and to process journal entries (transferring money from one A.S. account to another). This form let’s you use your AS funds.
  • A Performance Agreement Form has to be filled out if a check is to be made payable to a speaker or performer for his/her services.
  • AS Travel Forms must be filled out for anyone attending conferences, events, and meetings off campus

What’s my OSL Account Number?

  • Log-into OrgSync.
  • Click ‘My Membership’ then click your organization.
    • You may also look up any organization through the search button.
  • Click on your address field.
  • Your OSL Account number is constituted by the 4-5 digits following the first slash.

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Funding Guide (PDF)


Financial Policies and Procedures

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