About Us

Each quarter, every UCSB undergraduate pays a fee of $210.61 to Associated Students creating a $13million budget with about half a million that is left for the Finance and Business Commitee to allocate funds for various events and projects. This fee supports a wide variety of operations of Associated Students that benefit the students of UCSB, the campus and the surrounding community. The charge of the AS Finance and Business Committee is to help registered student organizations put on successful events and determine the appropriate allocation of student funds. The AS Finance and Business Committee is composed of;

One Chair, One Vice-Chair, and 8 other Senators, appointed by the AS Internal Vice President


Chief Financial Officer, 10 Finance Officers appointed by the AS President

And these student leaders are tasked with the careful deliberation and the decision of the approval of funding for student groups, and for allocating a yearly budget that is used to foster leadership, give to the community, and enhance the experience of UCSB students.

Schedule an Authorized Signers Workshop with a Finance Officer or Senator during their office hours, which are listed below: