Criteria for Consideration for A.S. Funding

Diversity: Does the group advance the accessibility of the University to historically under represented communities?
Goals and Objectives: The extent the organization has attained its goals and objectives.
Campus Service: The degree the organization reflects students’ needs and interests.
Community Service: The degree of community service, response of the community, and success level of the program.
Uniqueness: The uniqueness of the event with respect to organizations with similar goals.
Members: The number of active participants and membership growth rate.
Income/Alternate Funding: The ability and willingness of the organization to raise alternate funding.
Cooperation: The cooperation and support the organization gives to Associated Students, and the willingness to follow the A.S. Funding Guide, A.S. Legal Code.
Current Funding from A.S.: Consideration is given to currently funded organizations

If you need help with this process, please request a financial liasion in the form here to assist you in creating a budget and understanding the Financial Policies and Procedures, guidelines and limitations of A.S. funding.