$250 Start Up Funds and Funding Requests


Associated Students funding, including the Start-Up funds, are available for any SEAL organization officially registered and visible on Shoreline for at least one full academic quarter, starting from the following quarter after the group has been created (ie. Organization created week 5 Fall Quarter, will be eligible for funding beginning of Spring Quarter).  Your organization must also register each year with SEAL to remain eligible.

Apply on Fluxx

To apply for the $250 Startup funds, an officer from your organization will register on Fluxx, request to be connected to your org, then fill out the $250 startup application.  Please click Save, then click SUBMIT or we will not receive the application.

To apply for additional funding from Finance and Business, you must submit a funding application by 4pm Sunday before the next Monday meeting to get on our agenda.  Please send an informed representative to present the funding request to the 4pm F&B meeting in the UCEN State Street Room.  Please note: F&B does not meet Monday holidays, during Week 10, or finals weeks.

How do I register for Fluxx and connect to my organization? 

Click Here for a pdf with step-by-step instructions:  How to Complete your Fluxx Registration

After opening the pdf, click here to go the AS Fluxx site and begin your registration:  AS Fluxx Site

If you have any tech issues, please email fluxx-help@as.ucsb.edu for assistance.