Overall Goals and Objectives

  • Is an event the best/most appropriate way to achieve goals (versus, for example, a press release or other targeted communication)?
  • How does this event fit into the mission of your Board, Committee or Commission?
  • What are the key goals/objectives of this event? Specifically, what is the desired outcome and what do you want your guests to take away from this experience?
  • What is the long-term value of the activity to Associated Students?

Communications & Marketing

  • What is your event’s primary message and themes? If you will have speakers, who would be appropriate (legislator, administrator, faculty, student, etc.)? If there are multiple speakers, how will their messages be appropriately differentiated and integrated? How will this program be “choreographed”?
  • What are the ways this event will be marketed? How can we gain greater effectiveness/leverage from this event – before and after ?
  • Consider how your message will be communicated or reinforced through: invitations; publications advertising; Websites; listserves; local/national media.
  • Do the printed materials (design and copy) clearly reflect/identify Associated Students?
  • Publicize your event on the campus-wide calendar

Planning & Production

  • What groups should comprise the audience? Who else might benefit from this event beyond the primary attendees? If it’s appropriate and feasible within budgetary constraints, consider whether it makes sense to include alumni, donors, community members, legislators, media, students, faculty and staff.
  • Are there opportunities to partner/collaborate across or with other campus units or off-campus entities?
  • What is the best date and location for this event? Why?