Timeline Planning

Even before you reserve the room, you need to know the budget – the budget will control everything else.


It is worth the time to sit down and determine “what is the goal of this meeting?” or “what has to happen for you to declare this event a success?” before you even prepare the budget.


Keep all emails/copies of paperwork for reference.


If corresponding with a certain person, group, or company often, create a folder in your inbox and set up a filter for their emails – it is easier to track messages than scrolling your inbox to find one specific one.


If it isn’t an emergency, don’t call it one – most service people on campus will find it refreshing and it goes a long way to establishing a good long-term relationship.


Use variety when publicizing your event – send emails, flyers, hang posters, write a press release, create a facebook page.


Remember that it is your responsibility to plan for individuals with disabilities – find out ahead of time if an interpreter or special access accommodations will be necessary.