Event Evaluation

After an event, it’s important to evaluate how it went. Download an evaluation form here.

Things to consider (not a complete list)

  • Would you recommend this location again? If so why? If not, where would you suggest having the event?
  • Attendance
  • Did the date and time of your event work well?
  • What factors impacted attendance?  Suggestions  for scheduling this event in the future?
  • How many student tickets were sold?
  • How many non-student tickets were sold?
  • How many event safety staff were present (break down CSO, Police, ASPB Event staff, professional concert staff)?
  • What event expenses were more than you expected?
  • Where there any budget “surprises”?
  • How many volunteers helped plan this event?
  • How many volunteers helped at the actual event?
  • Did the event meet your goals?  Did it fulfill the purpose that was proposed?
  • What was your publicity plan for the event?  What worked well/What didn’t?
  • How were your committee members involved? What suggestions can you make to involve more students in this program?
  • Would you recommend this agency/ artist? Why or why not?
  • What changes would you recommend making to this event to make it more successful?
  • Did you utilize outside vendors/food service/ providers for this event?  If so, who were they and would you utilize them again?  Why or why not?