A.S. Entities Request for Funding

Finance and Business has a new funding request application process!

What’s happening?

In Winter 2021, Finance and Business Committee contributed to a new grant funding platform called Fluxx with the understanding that our funding requests will be transferred to the new platform the following year. This new platform has been built for Finance and Business Committee, Coastal Fund, and Community Financial Fund and will be implemented for the 2021-2022 school year.

Eventually, the goal is to have all AS entities that provide financial assistance to student groups have their applications located together within Fluxx to create a one-stop hub for everyone.  Most importantly, this will make it easier for campus and student organizations to find and apply for all available and appropriate AS funding sources for their events and programs.

What hasn’t changed from previous years?

If you would like to apply for funding, an F&B funding request application will need to be completed on Fluxx by 4:00pm Sunday if you wish to be on the next Finance and Business Committee meeting agenda.  F&B will still meet on Mondays at 4:00pm where a representative from your organization will need to attend and be prepared to answer questions on the funding request submitted on Fluxx.

How can I help make the transition a smooth one?

As soon as your entity knows they would like to apply for funding from F&B, please have an officer register on the Fluxx platform and request to be connected to your organization. This can be done at any time before an application needs to be submitted.  It is not advised to wait until the last minute before the Sunday 4pm deadline to register for the first time on Fluxx if you need your funding request to be heard at the Monday 4pm meeting.

How do I register for Fluxx and connect to my organization? 

Click Here for a pdf with step-by-step instructions:  How to Complete your Fluxx Registration

After opening the pdf, click here to go the AS Fluxx site and begin your registration:  AS Fluxx Site

If you have any tech issues, please email fluxx@as.ucsb.edu for assistance.